What to Expect From the New iPhone 7S and iPhone 8

iPhone 7s & iphone 8 repairs and news

If you’re interested in upgrading to the upcoming iPhone 7S or iPhone 8, you should know that we’ve done some research and compiled some information about what these brand-new smartphones from Apple will offer to consumers.

While it’s all rumour at this point, there’s usually some truth to the rumours and reading our guide should help you to decide which of these high-tech phones is right for you. Both are getting plenty of hype and buzz online!

The iPhone 7S

This phone will be available pretty soon and a keynote address held in San Jose was the source of some interesting information about what it will offer. According to this keynote address, the new iPhone may feature three-dimensional cameras, as well as the display of the True Tone type. You’ll get the great iPhone features that you’ve come to know and love, for a typical iPhone price, plus some fun and functional new features.

The 7S will cost less than the iPhone 8 and it is likely to pack plenty of speed, while also offering wireless charging, as well as a new screen. This phone won’t be a different size than you’re used to. However, it will be feature-packed.

What about the iPhone 8?

This is the tenth anniversary iPhone, so the iPhone 8 should be a ground-breaking and very coveted! Rumours seem to point towards its being quite a big change from the usual iPhone, for the better. According to our research, this iPhone will probably have a stainless steel and glass design which is beautiful and ultra-modern. As well, it’s likely to feature an OLED display without a bezel, a Touch ID display which includes cutting-edge facial recognition and better waterproofing.

In addition, you should be able to charge this high-tech iPhone via wireless technology.

While it’s sure to cost a pretty penny, it will be a status symbol that you’re proud to own. As well, it will be loaded with incredible functionality, so you may find that it becomes an indispensable part of your daily and nightly lifestyle.

iPhone 7s Repairs

Since the iPhone 7s will likely feature the same overall design it should be no harder to fix than the iPhone 7. Although at the time of writing we do not provide iPhone 7 screen repairs (Simply due to replacement screens costing a substantial amount)  we will soon be offering both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s screen replacements.

iPhone 8 Repairs

If rumours are true and the iPhone 8 features a button-less front with an integrated fingerprint ID it could make third party repairs difficult if you wish to keep you fingerprint recognition functionality. Whatever the result we shall be sure to keep you informed.

Which iPhone is Right for You?

Some people will prefer the affordability and familiarity of the iPhone 7S, while those with bigger budgets and more craving for technological advancements may gravitate towards the iPhone 8. Soon enough, full features for both models will be available everywhere online. Right now, it’s all about iPhone anticipation!

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