Our ‘Not For Landfill’ Pledge

Not-for-landfill Aberdeen

BULLIT aims to reduce, re-use and recycle our waste whenever possible.

We have made a pledge to where ever possible reduce our landfill contributions, with a goal to eventually send zero waste to landfill.

There can be a lot of waste produced during an iPhone repair such as, but certainly not limited too, glass, WEEE, adhesives, plastic, films and also chemical-based items such as batteries. 

We have already made some progress towards that goal, for example:

  • Some of the damaged electronic components sent in by customers are able to be repaired and are either re-used by us or when the quality is not to our standard they are sold to third-party repairers.
  • Our internal projects and marketing campaigns are reviewed to look for ways where we can reduce waste or switch to renewable sources.
  • We set up segregation bins for our office waste and have plans to extend this to our repair centre.

Our Waste Pledge

As part of the ‘Not For Landfill’ Pledge BULLIT has agreed to:

1. Seek further ways to avoid landfill.We avoid sending waste to landfill

2. Segregate our key recyclable materials.

3. Investigate organic waste.

4. Recycle our Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment.

5. Manage & Reduce our Hazardous waste.

6. Create an environment that focusses on waste management.

7. Ensure our waste management systems support our environmental and commercial objectives

8. Promote the campaign to other members and new.

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